Sunday, April 5, 2015


Design influences so many aspects of our lives. We are always being influenced by the design of objects. You do not realize the influence that everything may have on you. If you look around, you will notice that design is all around us. Everywhere you look there is design. We often do not notice the design, because there is so much of it, which makes us become more oblivious to it. But really the effects of design influence us greatly on our day to day basis.

When looking at clothes, makeup, magazines, books, or even food you decide whether or not you like something based on the design of the items. You do this subconsciously. Either you like or you don't like the color, or maybe the look or the feel isn't right, but the design is the part that makes you either like or dislike the object. Design plays a huge role in the today's world.

When being the designer you have so much more to think about. You do not only have to make it appealing to the eye, but you also have to make is applicable to others as well. If you are the designer you want it to look good in your eyes, but you more importantly you want it to look good from others perspectives.

During class time we were given the opportunity to be the designer and make our own spreads in 50 minutes. This task made me realize just how stressful and tricky it was to come up with a clever enough idea that others would also find appealing. I enjoy making designs, but I on the other hand do not enjoy coming up with my own design.

                                     (Could not upload my spread that I designed)


      Choice is "selected as one's favorite or the best." Life is full of choices. Choice makes everyone unique in their own way. It gives them the ability to choose who they want to be, and what they want to become. Without that freedom, life would be to original. 

      People have the choice as to what news they watch or listen to. They also get to chose what news to believe, and what news not to believe. You GET to chose what's considered "good" and "bad" to you. Whose at fault when people make bad decisions about news? You are at fault. With the power of choice, we get to chose what we believe or not. You make the decision as to what you read, and what you chose to believe is true. For me personally, I find it difficult to believe everything I read online, until I know the full story and have heard it elsewhere. 

"Choice maximizes individual freedom."  

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What is the point to Journalism?

Journalism is changing greatly due to the fact that technology is improving more and more each day. Journalism is becoming more convenient and accessible to others. It is easier to access journalism in the form or technology rather than in paper form. This changes many things including journalism. Everyone has access to it anywhere at anytime.

There are many online news sources with great news. For example, CNN Student News is a very popular, relevant site. They hit topics that are worldwide and that are affected people everywhere. On the other hand, TMZ is not as valuable. Some people believe that TMZ is journalism, and others may feel that it is not considered journalism. Why is that?

TMZ tells ones story. The story has bits and pieces that are relevant, but the majority of the time it is useless information, and does not go far into depth unlike CNN Student News does. TMZ is also not always true. They have stories that have catchy titles, but when the news readers click on them, they begin to believe false news without even knowing it. This isn't journalism.

Journalism is important because it tells a story, and is a great way to clearly inform others of important issues. It keeps the people up to date.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Future of Journalism

      Currently we are getting our news in the form of social media, papers, and online websites. In order for journalism to survive the journalists need to create more advanced ways to display their news. With the idea that technology and news is improving day by day, I believe that in the near future newspapers will not be as common as they once used to be.

"People have access to more news, but most news rooms are shrinking." 

"The audience will determine the future of news." 

       For our Future of Journalism project we made it holographic. The Holographic form of news is a way to make news come to life. This enhances the visual part of news, and has a greater potential to catching certain eyes. We chose this because we felt like news was always either seen in the paper or on an app. The holographic news categorizes news for integrated use. 

           The app that caught my attention the most was the Google driving one. It is a very clever and advanced way to portray Journalism in the future. This is a realistic way. I cannot imagine them coming up with this idea for many many years. I do feel that if this were to be real and easily accessible that it would be a great idea.  

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Truth- "a fact or belief that is accepted to be true."

      Truth to me is not a word, but instead a way of life. I choose to live my life full of truth, because I feel it is the correct thing to do. Living a life full of truths is easier than living in a life consumed by lies.

       Truth can mean many different things, to different people. Truth may be the correct to one person, and can be considered false by another. They both may be correct but in different senses. It is nearly impossible to be fully truthful and to know the "real" truth.